Why are cellular airless tires favored by wheelchairs?

2022-08-02 23:08:35

As a travel tool for people with disabilities, wheelchairs are not only used in some families, but also often equipped as a convenience measure in public places such as airports and high-speed railway stations, and we often see them in our daily life.


Wheelchairs are also divided into two categories: manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. The former relies on others to push or turn the tires by hand, and the latter uses electric devices, which can be driven by buttons. For both types of wheelchairs, it is safe, convenient and comfortable. Sex and other needs are often tied to tires.


If we observe carefully, we will find that the number of wheelchairs using cellular tires has increased significantly in recent years. Why is the cellular air-free tire structure favored by wheelchairs?


On the sidewall of the honeycomb air-free tire, you can see many honeycomb holes in an orderly arrangement. This design improves the heavy and bumpy defect of the solid tire. The honeycomb hole structure can not only reduce the overall weight of the tire, but also make the driving easier. The bumps in the process are relieved by the shrinkage of the honeycomb holes after the force is applied.

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