Prospects for non-pneumatic tires are very good

2022-08-02 23:05:28

           Tires are an important guarantee for driving a car. Ordinary pneumatic tires often have accidents such as puncture and deformation in daily driving. Now, a non-pneumatic tire has been developed, which has the characteristics of maintenance-free and puncture-free. Since there is no need to inflate traditional tires, air-free tires completely solve the problem that traditional pneumatic tires are prone to air leakage and flat tires.


With the advancement of technology and the development of society, air-free tires have been applied to many fields, such as: air-free tires for electric vehicles, air-free tires for scooters, air-free tires for bicycles, and air-free tires for motorcycles.

In China, air-free tires are getting more and more attention. Non-pneumatic tires have the advantages of no inflation and no puncture. We believe that in the future, the development of non-pneumatic tires will get better and better.

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