What are the advantages of air-free scooter tires

2022-08-02 23:03:12

With the advancement of technology, more and more scooters also use air-free tires. So, what are the advantages of air-free tires and ordinary pneumatic tires? Here are a few advantages of airless tires:


1. Wear-resistant and long service life

Pneumatic tires are not afraid of punctures, wear-resistant, and have low rolling resistance, and their service life is more than 3 times that of pneumatic tires.

2. Slow tire aging

The inner side of the tire is equipped with a heat exchanger, so that the hot and cold air inside and outside the tire can be automatically exchanged, which can effectively reduce the temperature of the tire body and greatly delay the aging of the tire.

3. It can avoid tire blowout and air leakage

Since there is no need to inflate traditional tires, air-free tires completely solve the problem that traditional pneumatic tires are prone to air leakage and flat tires.

4. Good elasticity

Excellent material and special structure coupled with patented technology have good performance, high rebound rate and good rebound performance.

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