What are the advantages of air-free tire bicycles

2022-08-02 22:52:27

           Bicycle air-free tires are bicycles equipped with air-free tires. Compared with ordinary tire bicycles, air-free tire bicycles have their own advantages.



A non-pneumatic tire is a tire that does not need to be inflated, and can bear weight and bear a certain amount of cushioning by relying on its own material and structure. Bicycles equipped with air-free tires have many advantages during use.


a. Non-pneumatic tires do not need to be inflated, so they do not need to be filled with air every once in a while like ordinary tires.

b. There will be no tire blowout during riding, and there is no risk of tire blowout.

c, wear-resistant, anti-puncture, don't worry about getting nails.

d. The hollow structure in the middle has good elasticity and has a certain buffer, which solves the problem of uncomfortable riding.


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