Trouble with pneumatic tires

2022-08-02 22:45:11

The emergence of pneumatic tires is a huge progress in the history of tire development. While bringing comfort to people, it also brings new troubles such as inflation, tire repair, and tire blowout.


Air molecules are very small and will run out of the gaps in the rubber molecules, so pneumatic tires often need to be filled with air. Pneumatic tires are easy to be punctured by sharp objects such as nails and glass, and sometimes blow out. It is very troublesome to repair the tire. If the tire of a lightweight bicycle is out of air, it is easier to push it to repair the tire. If the tire of a heavy electric bicycle or motorcycle is out of air, it will be laborious. If you push it for 1 km, you will be exhausted. . If your car tires are flat, you can't go anywhere.

Airless tires have the functions of being free of inflation, explosion-proof, and explosion-proof, and far surpassing pneumatic tires in terms of safety.

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