Choosing our Airless Tires is the right choice

2022-08-02 23:11:24

In the face of the impact force generated during driving, the wheel set composed of tires and hubs can be described as the "bridgehead" in the overall shock absorption of the vehicle. At the same time, it must be durable and reliable to ensure the safety of travel.


Therefore, not only to make yourself more comfortable to ride, but also to make the vehicle more durable as a whole, a high-quality wheelset is indispensable.


In the design and development of wheel products, the various needs of users such as lightness, comfort, stability, and safety have always been difficult problems to choose.


Products that are too light have a fragile structure and insufficient safety; products that are too stable and safe often have a high weight, which not only affects the battery life, but also increases the bumpiness.

Our Airless Tires are made of organic polymer materials. By changing the material formula and production process, we have successfully taken into account high-quality rigidity and toughness. Compared with alloy wheels, our Airless Tires are lighter in weight and more durable in peace of mind and  outstanding over conventional alloy and spoked wheels.


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