airless tire is widely used in our life

2022-08-16 11:38:16

With the progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology, airless tire appear on the market. The appearance of airless tire is the progress of science and technology. Airless tire is a tire that can run without inflation. It is widely used in scooters, bicycles, balance cars and wheelchairs.


Because of its unique structure and materialairless tire has been widely used in scooter field.It not only solves the problem of short range of pneumatic tirebut also gives consideration to comfortand has simple after-sales maintenance.

Because of its simple after-sales maintenance and long driving range, airless tire is more and more used in shared motorcycles and light electric vehicles.

Because of its explosion-proof, good elasticity and wear-resistant characteristics, airless tire is more and more used in sanitation vehicles, elderly tricycles, express cars, robots and special vehicles.

In the application field of low-speed tire, airless tire is more and more accepted by people, such as robot tirebalance scooter tirebicycle tiremedical tire and so on.

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