Non pneumatic tires can be customized

2022-08-17 10:38:01

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, a non pneumatic tire has appeared. Non pneumatic tire is a kind of tire that can run without inflation. It relies on its own materials and structures to load and cushion. Non pneumatic tires are more and more appearing in our vision. We can see a variety of non pneumatic tires in the market, such as non pneumatic tires for scooters, non pneumatic tires for electric vehicles, non pneumatic tires for bicycles, non pneumatic tires for wheelchairs, and non pneumatic tires for balance cars. There are also non pneumatic tires of various colors, patterns and structures. So, can the non pneumatic tire be customized?


Of course, non pneumatic tires can be customized. We can customize according to the needs of customers. Including the color, size, material and structure of the non pneumatic tire. As long as the customer provides us with the requirements, we can customize according to the customer's needs.

We are a professional non pneumatic tire manufacturer, which can meet the customized needs of our customers. Fast delivery and good quality. If you have any needs in this respect, please contact us.

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