what are airless tires

2022-08-15 10:26:31

Airless Tires can implement support,shock absorption and cushioning performance without air pressure,only under the use of tire's own material and structure.


Airless Tires completely solve the problems of leakage and puncture,which are easily caused by the traditional air-filled tire.It has the advantages of prick-resisting,good elasticity,wear-resisting and small rolling resistance,etc.,with use of high performance elastic material and special technology,and its service life is more than 3

times that of the inflatable tire.

The tires made by special new material have the advantage of high elasticity,high wear-resistance,high temperature resistence,anti-aging and long service life.Because of its unique structure and material,airless tires have been widely used in scooter field.It not only solves the problem of short range of pneumatic tire,but also gives consideration to comfort,and has simple after-sales maintenance.Because of its simple after-sales maintenance and long driving range, non pneumatic tire is more and more used in shared motorcycles and light electric vehicles.

In the application field of low-speed tire, airless tires are more and more accepted by people, such as robot tire,balance scooter tire、bicycle tire、medical tire and so on.

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