Airless tires are durable and never blow out For owners of electric vehicles and electric bicycles, presumably run-flat tires are no longer unfamiliar words.

2022-08-12 09:01:41

For the owners of electric vehicles and electric bicycles, "airless tire" is no longer a strange word.


When driving with ordinary pneumatic tires, if a tire blowout accident occurs due to foreign body puncture, abnormal tire pressure, violent impact, etc., it will often bring inconvenience to travel and even safety accidents. For the car body protected by the shell, the hazard of a tire blowout accident will be further increased.


Therefore, vacuum run tires have been favored by more car owners because of their safety optimization for tire blowout scenarios.


In the event of a puncture or air leakage accident, the ordinary pneumatic tire will be directly deflated, which will seriously affect the handling of the car body, while the vacuum runflat tire can be supported by the sidewall like a solid tire after losing the support of the air. The car body, maintain the car body to continue driving for a certain distance.


Seeing some friends here may be puzzled - isn't it called a run-flat tire? How can a tire blowout happen?


In fact, vacuum run-flat tires are also a type of pneumatic tires. They thicken the sidewall to ensure that in the event of a tire blowout accident, the owner can still maintain the ability to control and use the vehicle and not lose balance. , to a certain extent, reduce the risk of a tire blowout accident.


In fact, for car owners who assemble tubeless tires for safety reasons, it is believed that "no flat tires" will be more in line with your expectations than "flat tires".


Are there any tires that don't blow out? Of course, there are air-free tires. Pneumatic tires do not need to be inflated, so there is no need to worry about a flat tire.


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