Advantages of cellular airless tires

2022-08-11 16:23:38

The honeycomb airless tire adopts a honeycomb airless structure and is made of high-elasticity environmentally friendly TPE material. Compared with pneumatic tires and traditional solid airless tire , it has certain advantages.


Compared with pneumatic tires, it has the advantage that from the source of tire structure design, it eliminates the possibility of tire blowout, tire puncture and other accidents.


At the same time, the open through-hole structure not only prevents the heat from accumulating inside the tire and causes the tire temperature to rise, but also increases the surface area of the carcass in contact with the outside world, increasing the heat dissipation rate, and avoiding the risk of the tire being softened due to heat.


Compared with traditional rubber solid tires, honeycomb airless tires have significantly better elasticity, lighter carcass, and higher comfort. The problem is that it can improve the style of the car with a more colorful appearance.

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