Why are airless tires more and more popular?

2022-08-15 10:07:06

The tire blowout problem has become one of the biggest hidden dangers when traveling. When the vehicle is driving fast, a tire blowout will instantly lose its balance, which will bring great danger to the driver.

airless tires for bikes.jpg

For a long time, in order to solve the problem of tire blowout of vehicles, countless generations of tire researchers have been working on it. Solutions to various puncture problems are also emerging. Among them, airless tires are a very good product.

Airless tires have some advantages of their own.

1. No need to inflate, no need to worry about blowout.

2. Very good wear resistance and long service life.

3, very easy to maintain, low cost.

4. Good safety.

Therefore, airless tires are increasingly appearing in people's field of vision.

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