Our airless tire products are very environmentally friendly

2022-08-15 09:05:11

Our airless tires are made of TPE and LCRB materials, which are more green and environmentally friendly than rubber. Through research, we have greatly reformed the traditional rubber tire production process and adopted the injection molding process for tire production.

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In the process of raw rubber refining and rubber vulcanization in the traditional rubber tire production process, a large amount of harmful gas, dust, noise and waste water will be discharged, which not only increases the burden on the environment, but also causes damage to workers' bodies. harm.


In the production process of our airless tires, the injection molding process is mainly used, and the raw materials are injected into the mold for injection molding. In the whole process, no waste gas and waste water are generated, which is more environmentally friendly and low-emission than traditional rubber tire manufacturing.


Our airless tires have been widely praised by industry customers and users at home and abroad, and our products have passed the ROHS and SVHC environmental protection test indicators of European imported products.

Dongguan Dawn Sun Mold & Plastic Co., Ltd., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of airless tires. Our pneumatic tire products support diversified customization, including material, structure, color, size. Welcome to consult us.

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