How to install the non pneumatic tire

2022-08-20 14:57:50

Compared with ordinary pneumatic tires, non pneumatic tires have many advantages. Now, non pneumatic tires are more and more popular with cycling enthusiasts. Moreover, the application of non pneumatic tire is more and more extensive.Recently, some friends bought the non pneumatic tires but did not know how to install them. How is the non pneumatic tire installed? The following small series will introduce the installation method of non pneumatic tire.


The first method is to install with special equipment.

First, we put the tire on the equipment, and the equipment will automatically expand the outer diameter of the non pneumatic tire. Then, the non pneumatic tire is pressed down by the machine, so that the non pneumatic tire is pressed onto the machine.

The second method. This method is for friends without special equipment. First, we can immerse the non pneumatic tire in boiling water for about 20 minutes to make the non pneumatic tire soft. Then, we use a metal rod to press the tire into the hub slowly, so that the non pneumatic tire and the hub can be aligned and fitted precisely.

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