About Airless Tires

Airless tire's advantages and applications

Advantages of airless tires

1. Eliminates air leaks or tire blow outs. 

2. With no gas pressure you're left with consistent economy and handling. 

3. Its flexibility provides a rise in extent of contact. 

4. No maintenance required. 

5. More elongate tread life. 

6. Facilitate utilization. 

7. Makes vehicles a lot economical and has high lateral strength for higher handling while not a loss in comfort. 

8. Vehicle remains in restraint even on the parking brake. 

9. Remains mobile even with a number of the spokes broken or missing. 

10. Sturdiness & Long Life. 

11. Will take shooting or explosion. 

12. Less environmental impact.

applications of airless tires

Its applications are very wide including Bikes, Electric-Bikes, Electric-Motorbikes, Electric-Scooters, Segways, Golf Carts, 

Sightseeing Vehicles, Wheel Chairs.

About us

Dongguan Dawn Sun Mold & Plastic Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Dawn Sun Mold & Plastic Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on R&D, manufacturing, sales of environmental airless tires . We have obtained multiple patents, certifications and professional test reports via adopting self-developed high polymer materials, special ejection environmental rubber materials and unique damping patented structures...

Our Products


electric bicycle airless tires

Because of its simple after-sales maintenance and long driving range, airless tire is more and more used in shared motorcycles and light electric vehicles.

wheelchair airless tires

In the application field of low-speed tire, airless tires are more and more accepted by people, such as robot tire、balance scooter tire、 bicycle tire、medical tire and so on.

airless tires for electric scooter

Because of its unique structure and material, airless tire has been widely used in scooter field. 

airless tires for bikes

Because of its explosion-proof, good elasticity and wear-resistant characteristics, airless tire is more and more used in bikes.

Why Choose Us

Our factory has complied with iso9001 quality management system and iso14001 environmental management system, so we can fully guarantee the quality of customers under strict production procedures.

Factory & Systems

We have obtained multiple patents,certifications and professional test reports via adopting self-developed high polymer materials.

Product Advantages

Airless tires own many advantages, eg:never be flat tires, never mind road conditions, excellent cushioning effect, comfortable and long-lasting.

Rich Experience

Based on our strong R&D capacity, we also provide ODM/OEM customized total solutions under systematic projects managements for brand customers.

Reliability Tests 

Fully tested by UV aging tester, high-low temperature chamber,mileage tester,vibration fatigue tester,static load multifunction tester,etc.

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